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Tenant Information

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9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday

9am – 1pm Saturday

New leases may be signed from Monday to Friday and Rental Inspections are performed Monday to Friday.


Unfortunately we are not resourced to deal with leasing enquiries and minor issues after 5pm. These can be dealt with during the hours of:

9:00am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

9:00am to 1:00 pm Saturday

For emergencies after hours please contact the following tradespersons:


Warren Ellis Plumbing – 0409 269 722


Energy Australia 131 388


AAA Coalfields Locksmiths 0418 298 801


Cessnock Glass Repairs – 0428 431 993 / 4990 4220

Other emergency contacts which may be useful are as follows:

Energy Australia

Ph: 131 388

Integral Energy

Ph: 131 003

Elgas, LPG Emergency

Ph: 1800 819 783

Hunter Water

Ph: 1300 657 000


Ph: 132 500


Ph: 000

You are not authorised to organise any repairs after hours only in the event of an emergency. The type of repairs that are urgent repairs are defined in the Residential Tenancies Act 2010. Examples are as follows:

A) Burst water service

B) An appliance, fitting or fixture that uses water or is used to supply water that is broken or not functioning properly so that a substantial amount of water is wasted

C) A blocked or broken lavatory system

D) A series roof leak

E) A gas leak

F) A dangerous electrical fault

G) Flooding or serious flood damage

H) Serious storm or fire damage

I) A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply to the premises

J) A failure or breakdown of any essential service on the residential premises for hot water, cooking, heating, cooling or laundering

K) Any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or insecure

For an emergency we are also happy for you to contact us and we will do the best we can to assist you. If you have any queries regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Please note that if a tradesman is called out after hours, to an issue not classified as urgent, you may be deemed responsible for some costs


– Initial rent payment, when moving into the property, may be paid by bank cheque or cash and a receipt will be given.

– All payments from this time should be made using the ANZ Rent Card, or ANZ deposit book, issued at the time of signing the leases. The card can be used to make payments over the internet, through BPAY, or by phone to your financial institution, and the book as a deposit book at the bank.

If you require a ledger printout of your rent payments, you can call the office to organise that at any time.


It is your responsibility to arrange for connection of all services to the property. The following phone numbers may be of help.

ENERGY AUSTRALIA      13 15 35

TELSTRA                         13 22 00

AGL                                  13 12 45


Please advise one of the Property Management team of the telephone number at the property when you have it connected. Also, if you change employment during your tenancy, please advise us of your new business number. There are various reasons you may need to be contacted throughout your tenancy and this information is vital.


It is your responsibility to return all keys to the property to this office at the end of your tenancy. Rent will be charged until the day all keys are returned. If you change any locks during your tenancy it is a provision of the Residential Tenancies Act that you supply this office with a key.


It is your responsibility to insure your own contents as the Landlord’s policy covers the building, fittings and fixtures only.


The Landlord has approved the tenancy in the names on the Agreement. If a new tenant wants to occupy the property, they must apply and be similarly approved.

If the Agreement is in joint or multiple names, all parties to it are individually and jointly responsible. In other words, if one party does not have the funds to meet their commitment, all the other parties are responsible for payment.


It is a policy of this office that general non urgent repairs must be advised in writing. We have included copies of the Repair Advice form in your lease kit, and further copies may be obtained from our website when required. These forms can be posted, faxed or hand delivered to our office. Alternatively you can email non urgent maintenance requests to repairs@jurds.com.au. You will be contacted by the tradesperson when the repair has been organised.

Only urgent repairs may be phoned through to the office. During business hours please ask to speak to either the Property Manager or Property Officer. After hours the phone will be diverted to either the salesperson on call or the Licensee. Please leave a concise message detailing your phone number, address and the problem. If you cannot contact any of the above, you are able to call a tradesperson yourself, however this should only be for urgent repairs as detailed in your Tenancy Agreement, and not for repairs in excess of $1000.


This office regularly performs routine inspections, and each property will be inspected between 2 and 4 times per year. You will be given written notice of these inspections, however if you wish to change the allotted time, you are welcome to call the office to organise an alternative time. If we don’t hear from you, and you are not home at the time noted, we are able to use the office key for access. During these inspections, we will be noting any maintenance/repairs required, and also the tenant’s care of the property. The premises should be maintained in a clean and tidy condition at all times. We also perform regular drive by inspections of each property to check on grounds maintenance.


Your rental history is a crucial part of your ability to obtain future rental references. It is therefore in your interest to keep your rental payments up to date. Rent must be paid regularly and on time, and you should always advise this office of any problem, which could affect your rental commitment.

We advise that our office is a member of the Tenancy Information Centre Australasia (TICA) and as members we are obliged to report any defaults to TICA. Should a tenant appear on the TICA database they may find difficulty in relocating as TICA has a large membership, which can be accessed by members throughout Australia.

If your rent is in arrears you will be contacted either by phone or letter, and if rent is allowed to get more than 14 days behind you will be issued with a notice terminating your Tenancy.

All of this information is provided to help you settle into your home and assist you during your tenancy. It’s the tenants major responsibility to keep the property clean and to meet their financial obligations; it’s the Landlord’s major responsibility to see the property is maintained and to ensure the tenant has peaceful enjoyment; and it’s the Property Manager’s responsibility to see both parties meet their responsibilities. This can only be done with effective communication from all parties. The Property Management Department is here to assist you during your tenancy, so please direct any problems you may have to the Property Manager, Property Officer or Property Letting Officer.