Tips When Selling Your Home

The preparation you put into getting your property ready for sale can be the difference between getting a standard price and getting a great price. And, the best part is, it’s not hard, time consuming or expensive.

Did you know that the decision to buy is usually made within 42 seconds of seeing the property? First impressions are most lasting. If you want to make sure your house gives a great first impression, follow the steps below.


  • If your garden is neat, flowers and shrubs are trimmed, lawns are cut and edged and all exterior rubbish is removed, people will be more likelyto want to see inside the house.
  • Give your home a good cleaning, including windows, carpets, blinds, etc. It will make it far more appealing. A clean house shows you looked after and cared for it.
  • Repair leaking taps and showers. Clean any discolouration off sinks. It is a sign of faulty plumbing. Repair sticking windows and doors. Fix warped drawers, loose doorknobs and other minor flaws, and repair your insect screens and broken window panes.
  • Display the storage capabilities of your house. Remove all unnecessary things from cupboards, spare rooms and garage. In fact, have a garage sale before you sell. You will have some cash for the repairs and advertising!
  • Make your rooms appear bigger by removing and storing excess furniture. Do it, especially if the rooms are small. A mini storage only costs asmall amount.
  • Keep stairways and all walkways clear. It’s dangerous for prospective purchasers and makes the house look cluttered.
  • Impress the purchaser with well decorated, bright, clean bathrooms and kitchens. Often the decision to buy is based on an attractive kitchen and bathroom. Hang new bright towels in the bathroom. Maybe use the old vanilla trick, with a few drops baked in the oven. It will fill the kitchen with a sweet, pleasant smell that will bring images of warmth and good home cooking.
  • Brightness and light shows off your house to its best advantage. Turn on the lights. Open the blinds. Let the light in. Your house will feel more alive. Light sells, darkness doesn’t.